The Company

It was the year 2005, Guilherme Almeida went to Italy with the purpose of acquiring an automated machine for the production of cardboard boxes.

Due to the increasing production evolution and constant concern to maintain the level of modernization of the equipment in the sector, the investment made in the technology park became, from there, gradually, as the market demanded.

Arriving in 2017, it was quite natural that a new phase was started, and the company "Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A." was set up, with an installed production capacity of more than 10,000 boxes per day, targeting several sectors of activity, such as: footwear, textiles, wines, cosmetics, among others, keeping abreast of what is innovative in our area.

The technical team of Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A. is able to offer you the best graphic solutions at a competitive price.


  •   Address

  • Rua de Felgueiras, 23

  • 4815-667 Santo Adrião, Vizela

  • Portugal

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