Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A.
2017-12-06      1121

Dear clients / friends 


It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the new site of Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A. is online.


It features a simplified navigation menu where 4 areas are highlighted. In a first area, the presentation of the company Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A. is presented. The second area is destined to the exhibition of products manufactured in the Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A. Next we have an area where news is published about the company and the sector of activity. Finally, the contacts of the company were made available. 


In an increasingly digital context, Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A. bets on a current communication tool that will allow its customers to follow and visualize the development of products manufactured in Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A., for various business areas.


The main goal is to provide a fast and convenient online service for our customers. 


The Administration

Cartonagem Almeidas, S.A.

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